TBP’s Friday Favorites: Pesticide-Free Fruit Desserts for Summer

I brought home the first organic strawberries of the season last weekend. I hadn’t had one since the end of berry season last year. Biting into a ripe, juicy strawberry was completely worth the wait.

When it comes to strawberries, blueberries, and peaches organic is a must. Otherwise they’re big, juicy, and rich with pesticides. I am vigilant about buying anything that falls in the Dirty Dozen organic. Thank goodness for the EWG’s iPhone app – it’s a quick and easy refresher when I’m browsing the produce aisle. The app even gives you a complete list of 53 fruits and veggies ordered from highest to lowest in pesticides. And, the app is free. Download it now.

Back to baking…

I immediately started thinking about all the berry dishes that are in my future this summer. They’re always a hit at cookouts and picnics.

Here are some of recipes out of my kitchen that have been proven to wow a crowd along with some that are on my ‘gotta’ make that’ list.

From My Kitchen:

Can’t Wait to Whip These Up:

What are your favorite summer fruit desserts? Are they pesticide-free?

5 Responses to TBP’s Friday Favorites: Pesticide-Free Fruit Desserts for Summer

  • Loving all of these berry recipes! We were growing a nice crop of strawberries, and had a ton of ripe ones ready for the picking and went out to get them the other day and the stinking birds had eaten half of them. :( I need to figure out a better system.
    But..we are so in berry mode right now so I am loving this list of recipes here!
    And thanks for including my popsicles! :) I just made a batch of those at the beginning of the week! :)


  • ps. Yikes! I just noticed how many smiley faces were in my last comment. Somebody stop me please!!!!


  • Alta says:

    What a great little round-up of summery desserts and other goodness! Thanks for including my pie and crisp. I think I need to get started on some new ones for this season. :)


  • Ricki says:

    Looks like my previous comment didn’t get published? Anyway, I think this is a great roundup–so many fab recipes! And thanks for including mine, too. :) (one smiley face). :D (oops, two)!!


  • Yes! LOVING all of these delicious berry recipes. Thankyou.


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