TBP’s Friday Faves: Summer Vacation!

Hello and Happy Summer!

It’s Maggie and Amy this week. We decided to show you what’s been filling our days (and our hearts) this summer.

Yes, we love to share our recipes with you through She Let Them Eat Cake and Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free. And, The Balanced Platter keeps us focused on living life that is not only manageable but meaningful.

At the end of the day, though, our families have our hearts. They are the motivation behind everything we do. And, yes, that takes some balance.

Nate and I have been at the pool every week. It’s important to me that he is comfortable in the water. He starts swim lessons in a month and a half. My little guy is already a little fish.

Nate loves being in the Moby Wrap, especially when we’re traveling. The little guy is a real jet setter – he’s already been to Ohio and here we’re in the Orlando International Airport. He’s learned that he has a tongue and can stick it out. So, he does it all the time. Melts my heart.

Nate’s first golf cart ride while we were in Florida. He loved it! Daddy drove while Nate and I tried to keep our hats on. That little buggy can really go!

Since my kids are a little older, we’ve been very active this Summer!  Hoping from cottage to beach to swimming pool.  Like Nate, Callum has been a fish since he was a baby and he is loving all of our new water adventures.

Liv has learned to swim this Summer, which is a pretty big deal for an almost four-year old!  I think she’s been so focused on it because she needs to keep up with her big brother.  We’re pretty proud of her, and as you can see by her smile, she’s thrilled!

We hope you’re having a fabulous Summer with your friends and families!

7 Responses to TBP’s Friday Faves: Summer Vacation!

  • Both of you have incredibly adorable kids! Sounds like good times are being had by all this summer! I’m seriously loving hanging out with my boys and spending time at the lake! We already have plans to spend the weekend at the lake and we are all ready to go! I hope you both enjoy the rest of your summertime with your little ones!


    Amy Green Reply:

    @Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen), Have a great time!!! I know how important it is to treasure the moments we have with our little ones.


    Maggie Savage Reply:

    @Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen), Thank you! Hanging out at the lake sounds like a fabulous way to spend the Summer! Enjoy every minute :)


  • Christianne Madona says:

    OH Nate does a Moby wrap proud! Looks like a little tibetan monk- he is so darling! And Mom has the perfect accessory worn right over her heart!!!!!


    Amy Green Reply:

    @Christianne Madona, Isn’t he a doll??? Talk about BIG love! And yes – he is the perfect accessory.
    Hugs to you!


  • Nate is such a cutie!!! great photos!


  • Oh, girls!!! I love this post. What fun pictures and beautiful beautiful kiddos! Thanks so much for sharing what you and your bambinos have been up to! Nothing is more important than making those memories. LOVE IT!!


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