Meal Planning at the Farmer’s Market

Whether you are a parent, a spouse, a student, or a professional, meal planning is essential to a healthy week of eating. Traditionally, you’ve started the meal-planning process by gathering recipes for the week and making shopping lists. But when you shop at the Farmer’s Market, you never know what you’re going to find. Once you embrace the excitement of the unknown, you will be surprised at how delightful the experience can be.

How to Meal Plan at the Farmer’s Market:

  1. Head to the farmer’s market with the intention of buying fresh, organic, locally grown produce.
  2. Purchase fruits and vegetables that look fresh and inspiring.
  3. When you get home, look at your produce and decide on recipes that will showcase your finds.
  4. Then make a list of supplemental ingredients to purchase at your local grocery store.

This may feel a little backwards at first, but starting with a foundation of fresh, local produce will ensure that your week is packed with nutritious snacks and meals.

Here are some of my typical farmer’s market finds and how I use them:

With these cucumbers I can make a killer salad and a creamy dressing:

Peaches make wonderful snacks, desserts, smoothies, or even a summer salsa for grilled meats.

Apples are a treat juiced, in a salad, or made into a raw snack.

And with gorgeous radishes like these, every salad this week will be bright and happy!

I only fell in love with arugula after tasting it fresh from our local farmers.

These colorful peppers will be delicious dipped in my favorite hummus.

And with kale, the options are always endless!

With bounty like this, healthy, creative meals are just a step away! To find a farmer’s market near you, check out Local Harvest.

Do you shop at a farmer’s market? What tips can you share?

Heather is a kindergarten teacher by day and a fitness instructor and blogger by night. She writes Gluten-Free Cat and writes about healthy, gluten-free living and shares gluten-free recipes, product reviews, and restaurant reviews on her blog. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Read all of Heather’s posts here.

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