Have a Ball with Back to School Lunches | Nut-Free Protein Snacks

A Collection of Healthy Nut Free Protein Packed Snack Balls perfect for Your Kids Lunchbox from thebalancedplatter

My kids favorite lunchbox snacks are ”Energy Balls.” They request them weekly and I am happy to oblige because they are so simple to make and full of great healthy fat, protein, and fiber. These little guys will help keep your kids going through their busy day at school.

These protein balls are also great for getting little helpers in the kitchen. Requiring only a food processor, you really just put the ingredients in the machine and process until a doughy mixture forms. My kids love to help and we take turns as to who gets to turn the food processor ON (because that is a big deal apparently)! Our food processor is quite safe with several safety features making it pretty difficult for the kids to hurt themselves, and I am always there supervising.

I was looking around online for some different nut-free options and decided I would share what I found with you. We don’t tolerate nuts in my house, and I know a lot of schools are now nut-free. I have gathered a bunch of nut-free recipes, but I have found that you can switch up any recipe you find that uses nuts by replacing them with the same amount of seeds; such as these Banana Bread Protein Bites.

My Top 8 Nut-Free Protein Balls

(left to right in image)

bioDanielle Rouse is the creative energy behind the allergy friendly recipe blog, Fresh4Five | Real Food, Fresh Ideas. This mother of three has a passion for nutrition and cooking with  fresh and wholesome ingredients. Danielle has become and expert at developing  recipes to meet the complex dietary needs of her family. She is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  Fresh4Five hosts  an array of family friendly recipes that are free of Gluten, Dairy,  Soy, Nuts and  Paleo Friendly.

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One Response to Have a Ball with Back to School Lunches | Nut-Free Protein Snacks

  • Ricki says:

    Great roundup, Danielle! I’m also a fan of easy snacks like this, and energy balls are also just so cute, aren’t they? ;-) Thanks for including mine in the list! :)


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