Chipotle Chicken Chili

Chipotle Chicken and Chard Chili

Do you ever have one of those recipes that seems under-appreciated?

A flavorful comfort food that fails to catch everyone’s attention simply because it sounds too darn healthy.

Well this is one of those recipes. I discovered it on the Food Network when I had a fresh bunch of CSA chard that was begging to be used up on a cool early spring day.

The original recipe comes from Giada De Laurentiis, but Giada was smart – she didn’t put the word “chard” in the title of the recipe. I’ve followed her lead, and left it out of the post title in hopes of luring more of you in, because it truly is a wonderfully delicious and nourishing recipe.

I adapted the chili a bit to suit my own tastes, cooking style, and diet (yes, this dinner is free of gluten AND the top allergens), but stayed true to the key ingredients and amazing blend of herbs and spices. Trust me, this one’s a keeper.
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Menu Planning & Ham Chowder

I don’t make weekly menu plans, but I secretly admire those who do. Menu plans appeal to my love of organization, much like this pantry of canned goods.

However, I wanted to show you what a week of meals looks like at my house. So I wrote down a week of meals like a journal. You can use it as a menu plan, or let it be an inspiration to you for the beauty of leftovers :-)

As you can see, I rarely make a single batch of anything. I double most of my recipes so we have leftovers. It saves me so much time and energy.

Also, you can see a theme running through this week’s meals — beans! I save so much money buying dry beans and using them in my cakes, breads, and more. Plus, soaking dry beans and cooking them yourself makes them much easier to digest than canned beans.

Planning your menu for the week starts the weekend before, and for this week in particular it starts with cooking lots and lots of beans. But when you realize that this meal plan is for four people, you see that it isn’t really so many beans per person.

Saturday: Soak 7 cups of dry Navy Beans in enough water to cover the beans, plus three inches.

Sunday: Strain the soaking water and simmer the beans in enough fresh water to cover, plus about two inches. Simmer beans for about one hour.
Store half of the cooked beans in the fridge and freeze the other half for later in the week. (Beans usually last about four days in the fridge.)
Bake Coffee Cake for breakfast Monday and Tuesday.
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