Have a Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving!

Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one week away! It’s that time of year when we turn to our old family favorites and look for new recipes that inspire us to try something different in the kitchen. If you’re looking to add some healthier dishes to your Thanksgiving meal, take a look at this collection of recipes!

Side Dishes

source: Tasty Eats at Home (Green Beans with Smoky Pecans)

Gravy, Salad Dressings, & Sauces

Make-Ahead Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy

source: Alta Mantsch (Make-Ahead Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy)

Desserts, Pies & Pie Crusts

Gluten-Free Pie Crust

source: Simply Sugar & Gluten Free (Flaky Pie Crust)


source: Kelly Broyza (Dairy-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge on The Balanced Platter)


Savory Pumpkin Almond Twists

source: Hallie Klecker (Pumpkin Almond Twists)


A Trio of Fun, Fast, and Delicious Cereal Bars

Can you believe it is finally summer? This past month has been a huge transitional period for my family; we finished the school year in Atlanta, Georgia then packed up all of our belongings and moved back home to sunny Long Beach, California. We made a 7-day cross country road trip that was nothing short of amazing and were greeted with a spectacular welcome home from all of our friends and family here on the West Coast. Although the transition has been a fun and exciting one, I have really been struggling to get back into the swing of things, find our routine, and build my pantry. So, a few days ago with the help of our daughter, we nailed our pantries snack stash dilemma by making a trio of cereal bars that fit every flavor profile our family could possibly hope for. We have been testing these bars out on every kid and adult that comes through our front door since we made them and they have all been a HUGE hit!
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Curried Carrot & Quinoa Soup

It’s the time of year where everyone is looking for a warm comforting bowl of *make my belly happy* soup. It is funny how our body works and craves food; in a few months I will toss nourishing soup aside for the allure of fresh crisp greens…but for right now, I want nothing more than warm, creamy, simple-to-make soups.

In the past, I have made carrot soup with cashews, to give it that added creaminess. However, now that my husband, son and I are unable to eat nuts, I needed to find a different source of protein for this soup. I wanted to make it more of a “One Pot” complete meal.

I chose to use Quinoa. Once cooked, Quinoa will puree nicely, leaving the soup with a nice creamy consistency. I have actually used cooked Quinoa in smoothies many times.
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Gluten-Free Bread Crumb Soup

My grandmother was the by-product of the Great Depression and as such, her ability to use everything in her kitchen became a way of life for her that never ceased until she took her last breath. She could de-bone a chicken without leaving a single morsel of meat on the bones and she found ways to use left overs in extremely creative ways.

Rather than throw away the heels from her loaves of homemade bread, my grandmother would dry them out on her stove top over night, and then save them in a plastic bin in her cabinet  until she had enough to make one of my all-time favorite soups of hers–Bread Crumb Soup.

So simple, comforting and satisfying, it’s a soup I make throughout the winter and into the early spring because it’s very easy to make and costs practically nothing, especially if you are using your own chicken stock.  My mom always said it’s what our family lived on after Christmas so she could save up for all of our birthdays during the year (I am the youngest of five).

The name of this soup in of itself bespeaks the ingredients: breadcrumbs that have been ground with freshly grated Parmesan cheese to a fine powder, held together with a few farm fresh eggs.
Keep reading for Karen’s Gluten-Free Breadcrumb Soup recipe, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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