Chickpea Tahini Coleslaw

This is a guest post from Miachel from Spiced Curiosity:

Every now and then, I get a craving for some good ol’ Southern food. This desire varies from pickled okra to fried green tomatoes, but lately it’s centered on classic coleslaw. “Slaw” is typically a tangy, creamy dish that’s great to share with a large crowd. Though it’s usually served as a vegetable side, I tweaked this version to include chickpeas for added protein and fiber, making it a main course (and even more delicious)!

The other main difference between this slaw and a traditional one is the lack of dairy and eggs, making it vegan. The nutty, creamy tahini cheerfully takes the place of sour cream and mayonnaise, giving the salad a deeper flavor. For you classic slaw lovers, not to worry; the spicy radishes and crunchy veggies keep each bite tasting bright.

Besides being easy, quick, and tasty, this salad is also a great way to help the family intake more cruciferous vegetables (especially in the summertime when you’re tempted to eat just fresh summer fruit). The key players, cabbage and radishes, are loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Feel free to add in extra cruciferous cousins like broccoli and bok choy, cut into matchsticks.
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Power Up Your Potluck Offerings and Blueberry Quinoa Salad

Blueberry Quinoa Salad Recipe

Blueberry Quinoa Source: Kim Lutz

Summer brings the opportunity to gather with friends and enjoy good food along with the good weather.

Planning what to bring takes on extra importance when you or your family follow a special diet. You probably won’t know what, if anything, you can eat until you get to the party.  That’s why I always try to make my offering as nutritious and filling as it is delicious.

Salads are an especially flexible canvas to create a dish that will entice other guests, while ensuring you are fueled up for fun. Consider adding grains like quinoa, brown rice, or amaranth either as the base for the salad or as a topping. Using nuts and seeds can also bulk up a salad while providing an extra dash of protein. Pasta salads and potato salads are also hearty options.
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Dairy-Free Creamy Caesar Dressing

We are excited to welcome Danielle Rouse, our newest contributor. Danielle has lots to share with us, we know you’ll enjoy her posts and her recipes.

It’s January and if you are like me, you’ve set some healthy eating goals for the New Year. Today I want to give you a little encouragement in *not skipping out on the little steps*…or avoiding recipes that seem complicated due to the time it takes to soak something etc.

I am also excited to share a wonderful Creamy Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing with you!

I had an experience over the holidays when we hosted a family get-together. My brother and his Girlfriend both follow the Paleo Diet. I made a salad and my favourite Creamy Dill Dressing. My soon-to-be Sister-in- Law said, “we can eat this? I am so tired of the same old oil and lemon on a salad!” I said, “yes, absolutely!”

I went on to talk about soaking the hemp seeds for a few hours before you use it and everyone present complained because: that step crosses the convenience line. It appears that they are not alone; my other sister piped in to talk about how it is too complicated. I started to wonder how many other people are missing out on amazing food because of these types of steps in the recipes?

I know it seems complicated or time consuming, however if you can train yourself to think ahead about some of these little steps, eating a somewhat restricted diet can still offer plenty of variety.  The reality is, you are only putting seeds in a cup and covering it with water…from there, it is only time.

I promise once you have crossed this line, it totally becomes something doable and routine.
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Let Them Eat Vegan – Book Review, Recipe and a Giveaway!


I have a new favorite cookbook and it just so happens to be from one of my favorite cookbook authors (and fellow Canadian), Dreena Burton.

Dreena is the hardworking vegan Momma behind Vive Le Vegan (among others), which I bought about 7 years ago. It’s definitely my most-loved cookbook. Her newest cookbook Let Them Eat Vegan is perfectly titled since you could serve these recipes to just about anyone!

I instantly loved Dreena’s new recipes – they’re kid-friendly (she’s the mother of three young girls), they’re easy, they’re nutrient-dense, and they use ingredients I love and usually have in my pantry.
Click through to enter the giveaway and get a fabulous recipe

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