A Healthy Burger Round-Up

Since summer is now officially here (wah hoo!), you know what’s coming your way. Grills will be on, dinners will be served al fresco, and your yard will be filled with family, friends, and neighbors for the beloved backyard BBQ tradition.

We all know the basics. Burgers, dogs, chicken, and other meats are slapped on the grill, usually slathered in some sort of calorie-laden sauce, and we call it a day. For the vegetarians in your group, you can turn to the trusty old patties you find in the freezer section of the major grocery chains.

But wouldn’t it be so much better to make interesting, healthy, deletable, BBQ worthy fare for your guests? Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite burger recipes from the wonderful Balanced Platter contributors. My hope is to inspire your summer meals with nutritious and delicious burgers.
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Asian Inspired Salmon and Rice (and a giveaway from Simply…Gluten-Free)


This is a guest post written by Carol Kicinski.

Finding Balance

It seems that balance is something we spend our whole lives trying to achieve; babies teeter perilously while learning to walk and many at the end of lives rely on canes or walkers to keep us upright.

In between infancy and old age we struggle with balance in a variety of ways; we may not be literally fighting to stay upright – we search for balance in work and play, family and friends and hopefully, inner balance.

As a busy working mother I fought constantly to balance my ideal of having my family sit down for dinner every night with the realities of hectic and varied schedules. I was busy, my husband was busy, even my boys were busy – we had lives and very full ones. Often the only time we had to connect with one another was at the dinner table over a meal.

Years of arriving home at a quarter to 6, exhausted with 4 hungry people to feed taught me a thing or two about getting dinner on the table fast. It is not just about having an arsenal of quick cook recipes on hand; it is about having a strategic plan which includes a well-stocked pantry and some sort of organization in meal perpetration.

Simply…Gluten-Free Quick Meals

I am very happy to share with the readers of The Balanced Platter my new book – Simply …Gluten-Free Quick Meals. This is more than a recipe book; it offers suggestions of how to stock your gluten free pantry, whole meals that can be prepared in about a half an hour and even easy entertaining menus that you can execute in under an hour. Each of the full dinner menus includes a quick cook strategy to make sure you get it all done in time without wearing yourself out.

Part of making sure your family wants to sit down for dinner includes, in my opinion, offering a variety of tasty meals. That is why my simple weeknight suppers are diverse – there are recipes that circle the globe in terms of flavor.

An example of one simple meal included in the book is Greek Burgers and Fries; a Greek twist on the all-American burger and fries. The menu includes Greek Burgers, Quick Tzatziki Sauce, Lemon Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Cheater’s Rice Pudding. Yep, you can make all that in about a half an hour!

Get Carol’s Quick & Simple Salmon Recipe…, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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