Fruit Dessert

Coconut Water and Fruit Popsicles

When hot weather rolls around we like to make popsicles.  Lots and lots of them.  They are the treat of choice after a romp in the sprinkler, while reading a book in the shade, or after a soccer game.  To make this batch of popsicles, I combined coconut water with seasonal fruit to make an extra refreshing treat.  The natural sweetness of coconut water pairs beautifully with so many flavors!

There are three kids in the house, so I mixed three different flavors of their choosing: Coconut Water-Wild Berry, Coconut Water-Pineapple, and Mixed Berry with Coconut Water. The coconut water used for the mixed berry had bits of coconut pulp in it which made a delicious addition. I can’t wait to try coconut water popsicles with mango, strawberry, melons or peaches.

Kids can help with each step of this recipe. My youngest even picked the mulberries and blackberries for the Wild Berry pops. Children can crush the fruit or add full berries to the popsicle molds, measure, pour, stir, help fill the popsicle molds, and insert the sticks.
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Raw Cherry Cream Cups and the Benefits of Raw Foods

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy raw foods. Fresh produce is in abundance, cold food is refreshing when it’s hot, and the kitchen remains cool since raw foods are prepared under 118 degrees.

Why eat raw foods?

  • Enzymes in food begin to break down when food is cooked above 118 degrees.
  • Plant-based food is nutrient-rich in its raw state.
  • Many raw foods recipes incorporate soaked and sprouted seeds, nuts, and grains. When we eat sprouted seeds, we benefit from the nutrients of live, growing plants.
  • Raw foods are dairy-free.
  • Raw foods are not processed. By eating raw foods you can guarantee that you’ll be eating cleanly.
  • Raw foods are refined sugar-free. Desserts are sweetened naturally such as with fruit, dates, and raw coconut sugar.
  • A raw foods diet cuts out the junk and infuses your body with nutrients in its strongest form leaving you feeling amazing!

But even raw foodies eat dessert! These Raw Cherry Cream Cups are a delightful summer treat that take advantage of seasonal cherries.
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No-Bake Paleo Shortcake

This is a guest post from Becky at Sugar-Free Fairy:

source: Becky Rudin

I have been on quite the coconut kick lately, and this recipe is no exception. Coconut products have been trending as some of the healthiest foods you can buy, and the best part about coconut is that it can be used to make delicious – even sweet – treats that are actually good for you, so I have been sneaking it into everything. The laundry-list of benefits coconut offers could take up this whole page, so here’s just a sample: coconut is full of vitamins and nutrients, is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and helps stabilize blood-sugar. Add this to the slew of other benefits and I’d say we’ve got the perfect superfood.

But my relationship with the homely coconut wasn’t always so wonderful. I once avoided anything with coconut because I couldn’t stand the taste. To me, most things with a coconut flavor tasted like tropical scented sunscreen. It wasn’t until I cut out sugar that I realized what coconut actually tastes like, and that there is a very big difference between “coconut flavor” vs. real coconut as an ingredient.

More than the taste, I loved the versatility of this seed (yes, it is a seed, just a very large one). I’m sure you’ve seen the plethora of recipes on the web using coconut milk, coconut flakes, shredded coconut, coconut flour, coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut cream, and if you haven’t, well, Google it and get ready for your life to change. Just check out my coconut flour recipes for proof of my coconut obsession: crepes, pancakes, coffee cake, mug cake, and birthday cake.

source: Becky Rudin

And if you think you don’t like coconut, I implore you to try this no-bake shortcake recipe. It doesn’t taste coconutty at all, even though coconut cream is one of the primary ingredients. I have found that coconut flour and coconut cream have such a mild coconut flavor that it is nearly undetectable in most recipes.

I decided to give you a trio of simple, no-bake shortcakes just in time for Father’s Day. These make the perfect summer dessert, taste light, and are healthy enough that you could eat them for breakfast and not feel even the slightest bit guilty about it.
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Naturally Sweet Ice Creams this Summer

Source:  Ricki Heller

Coconut Ice Cream. Source: Ricki Heller

Who doesn’t love ice cream in summer? But most ice cream brands are not only loaded with dairy (tough for many with gluten sensitivity to tolerate), but also packed with processed ingredients and replete with refined sugar.

There are so many other, healthier, ways to add sweetness to your creamy desserts this summer! Try shunning the sugar every once in a while and making your own sweet treats. The results can be fast and delicious—and won’t cause spikes in blood sugar that could send you running for even more sugar-laden goodies.

How about adding some of the following to your creamy summer dessert repertoire this year?
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