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Gluten-free, Vegan Apple Coffee Cake

I’m all for fruits and veggies. I eat lots of them everyday, and I give them to my kids for snacks after school or when they get the between-meal munchies. Snacking can be an ideal way to boost your overall nutrition if you’re making healthy choices.

But what do you serve when you have friends stop by for tea? What can you make to celebrate the little victories of life; to turn the everyday into a special day?
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Apple Spice Cake with Maple Candy Glaze

We always add mulling spices to our apple cider. Even the cider that says “spiced” isn’t strong enough for us. Mulling spices include cinnamon, cloves, ginger, orange and lemon peel. If you’ve never added mulling spices to your apple cider, I highly recommend it. Spiced apple cider and maple candy are perfect for fall and Thanksgiving.

This cake came about several days ago when my husband came home from grocery shopping and told me that he had bought lime juice. It reminded me that I hadn’t made my lime pound cake in a while, so I thought I would make it. But the next day when I reached for the lime juice I saw apple cider instead. Hmm… And that’s how this lime pound cake was transformed into an apple spice cake. I hope you enjoy it!
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Blueberry Breakfast Cake and Balance – or Lack Thereof

Balance has taken on a whole new meaning since the birth of our first and only son eight weeks ago. Before Nate was born, I knew balance was something I could work toward, and some days my life even looked like maybe the scale was evening out.

But once he got here – forget it.

Nothing seemed even close to being balanced. Our house was messier, the laundry got done a little slower, getting dinner ready could take hours because he needs a meal or a diaper change. Exercise the morning after sleepless nights had no appeal at all. And, I craved me time. You know, those 30 minutes I used to get all to myself in the morning before Joe got out of bed. Or, the quiet time I’d take for myself in the middle of the day with a hot cup of coffee.

Now, when he’s asleep I’m either napping too because we were up all night or I’m trying to catch up on laundry or finish something on my blog.

There are the moments, though, when balance doesn’t matter. Like when he looks at me with his big blue eyes and smiles the biggest grin. Or when he’s fussy and only Mommy knows how to calm him. And my heart always melts when he cuddles up on my chest and falls asleep. Exercise, dinner, laundry, and the blog can wait. I would stop time forever to hold on to those precious minutes.

There have been a few times, too, when it looks like balance might be trying to creep back in. I’ve had 15 minutes to read a book while he napped on my lap. A few times he’s actually enjoyed the Moby Wrap long enough for me to get through a recipe, beginning to end.

It was one of those moments when I made this Blueberry Breakfast Cake. He was content to move around the kitchen with me while I mixed, scooped, and baked. He eventually dozed off and all was well in our world.

I was reminded that sometimes being out of balance is a gift, a short detour that moves me to deep gratitude for the very simple things in life. You know, silence, clean clothes, a good nap, and a simple, healthy recipe.

Stop by the Attune Foods Blog where I’m sharing my Blueberry Breakfast Cake recipe.

What kind of balance is going on in your life?

Healthy Meals Your Kids Will Love to Eat!

Fruit Kids Breakfast

Eating healthy is a challenge.

Getting kids to eat healthy can be–well, near impossible.

Since our family has been on special diets for such a long time, it’s probably easier for me than most, but I still do struggle.

My oldest son has life-threatening food allergies, so his diet has been restricted his whole life.  But my youngest is more easily tempted by the whole packaged and processed behemoth that threatens to undo all the nutritional groundwork I’ve laid in his life.

It’s pretty hard to turn down those soulful eyes and the Puhleeeeeeze at the grocery store when he finds a new goodie he’d like to try.
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