20 New Ways to Use Pumpkin

When you dream of Thanksgiving, what food pops into your head? For me, it’s pumpkin pie. Always.

And it’s because of my mom. She makes the best pumpkin pie on the planet.

Ever since I was a little girl, every Fall when the sugar pumpkins hit the markets, it meant pumpkin pie. And every last bite was like a piece of heaven. It’s always been my favorite time of year.

But what if you’re not a pumpkin pie fan? What if you don’t feel like making a allergy-friendly pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving? I’m a pumpkin lover no matter what, so here are a few new ways to enjoy this wonderful ingredient, but skipping the pie.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread - a #glutenfree #vegan pumpkin bread recipe that everyone will love!

1) Vegan Pumpkin Bread

2) Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie

3) Refined Sugar-Free Pumpkin Butter

4) Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie

5) Mini Gluten-Free Pumpkin Donuts
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Have a Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving!

Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one week away! It’s that time of year when we turn to our old family favorites and look for new recipes that inspire us to try something different in the kitchen. If you’re looking to add some healthier dishes to your Thanksgiving meal, take a look at this collection of recipes!

Side Dishes

source: Tasty Eats at Home (Green Beans with Smoky Pecans)

Gravy, Salad Dressings, & Sauces

Make-Ahead Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy

source: Alta Mantsch (Make-Ahead Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy)

Desserts, Pies & Pie Crusts

Gluten-Free Pie Crust

source: Simply Sugar & Gluten Free (Flaky Pie Crust)


source: Kelly Broyza (Dairy-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge on The Balanced Platter)


Savory Pumpkin Almond Twists

source: Hallie Klecker (Pumpkin Almond Twists)


Happy Birthday To Us (and a giveaway)!


We are so excited to be celebrating our first year at The Balanced Platter.  It’s been an amazing year and we’re so grateful for all of your love and support.

We couldn’t have made it this far without our amazing contributors.  They’ve shared so many fabulous recipes and ideas with us.

Amy and I thought it would be fun to celebrate by sharing some of our most popular recipes AND giving away some of our favorite gluten-free resources!

Click through to see our popular posts from 2012 and to enter our giveaway!

Savory Pumpkin Almond Twists

A perfect summer meal to me is a giant salad with garden-fresh produce and homemade dressing. But in the cooler months, nothing could be further from the truth! While I’ll happily eat salad year round, a bowl of soup or stew is the epitome of comfort on chilly days. What’s even better than soup? The stuff you dunk in it, of course.

Soup served on its own always seems naked to me. Every good soup deserves a good “dipper,” like cornbread muffins or crunchy crackers.

My love for dippers sent me to the kitchen a few weeks ago to create these Savory Pumpkin Almond Twists, a delightful twist on bread sticks that pair perfectly with a warm pot of broth and veggies.

We all have our “desert island” foods—the foods we can’t live without—and one of mine happens to be almonds. That’s why I love working with almond flour every chance I get. Not only is it a low-glycemic and grain-free choice, but it also lends delicious buttery flavor to baked goods that would otherwise be lacking.

These twists look super fancy, but they’re actually very easy to form. The dough is forgiving. You can easily pinch cracks or breaks back together as you form the twists. I am not by any means a perfect baker, which is why I like working with doughs that don’t mind my fumbling fingers.
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