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Easy Non Alcoholic Summer Drinks & Lemonade Made With Whole Lemons

I just love summer! I don’t know about you, but this is when I enjoy entertaining the most.

Here are four quick, easy, non-alcoholic summer mocktail drink recipes the whole family can enjoy, including amazing ginger lemonade made with whole lemons!

My all-time favorite cocktail is a rustic mojito. For an intimate dinner party, nothing beats these quick easy non-alcoholic mojitos that are zesty, refreshing, and oh, so tasty!

Non Alcoholic Mojitos

Non Alcoholic Mojitos

For an afternoon family picnic or BBQ, this sweet cherry limeade is a winner!
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Jellied Wine With Berries

This is a guest post written by Kalinda from Wheat-Free Meat-Free

Summer has officially started. If where you live is anything like where I live, that means it’s hot. HOT. When the weather is scorching, I prefer to make light refreshing dishes that don’t require lots of work in the kitchen. That goes for dessert too.

This jellied wine is easy to assemble and doesn’t require much active kitchen work. It’s also the perfect sort of dessert to present to company.
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TBP’s Friday Favorites: Pinterest Finds

Photo credit: Lexie’s Kitchen

Are you on Pinterest yet? It seems like everyone is joining up these days and pinning away.

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, click here for the details.

We’re just getting our boards going, but I thought I’d share some cool things we’ve discovered from some of our favorite boards.
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