A New Year’s Power Juice

Have you started the year off with some healthy goals or resolutions? I have too. And one of those goals is to drink more fresh juice. You can read about my New Year’s Juicing Challenge at Gluten-Free Cat. Juicing is such a wonderful way to infuse your body with nutrients. You can drink far more nutrients than you can chew in meal. And you can also incorporate vegetables that you might not otherwise eat.

There are definitely wonderful properties in green juices, but have you considered juicing beets? You can juice both the beetroot and the greens. Here are few reasons why you might want to start incorporating beets into your diet:

1. Beets are good for the liver. Beets contain betaine, which protects the liver and aids in detoxification. Drinking beet juice can result in detox symptoms, so it is wise to start with a small amount of beets and increase slowly.

2. Beets help to prevent cancer. They detox the body of harmful toxins and prevent cancer from growing.

3. Beets are good for your skin. They prevent and treat acne and promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

4. Beets make you feel good! Betaine has been used to treat depression. They also contain tryptophan which causes that happy, relaxed feeling after a meal.

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Juice Away Your Allergies with Parsley and Raw Local Honey

Parsley Allergy Warrior Juice

Parsley Allergy Warrior Juice

We are in the thick of allergy season, and I am always looking for natural “drug-free” remedies. I struck the JACKPOT when I discovered that parsley juice can alleviate the symptoms of air borne allergies. I got this tip from HEINERMAN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEALING JUICES where John Heinerman shares examples of parsley juice curing sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and even asthma!

I suffer from chronic hay fever, so I tested this on myself, and it really works! For the best results, drink a glass of parsley juice every day for 3 weeks. Then once your symptoms have reduced, drink a glass three times a week, and then drink once a week to maintain the results.

Parsley juice is a wonderful all-round health promoting food. The rich mineral salts help to neutralize acids in the body, purify and alkalize the blood, tissues, and organs, detoxify the skin, assist with the elimination of heavy metals like mercury, help with urinary tract health, bladder infections, and flush out the kidneys.
Get Tess’ recipe for healing Parsley Juice!

Healthy Detox Ideas on Pinterest and The Ultimate Colon Cleansing Juice

Pinterest 30 Days of Pinspiration

Pinterest 30 Days of Pinspiration

It’s a new year, and many of us have made resolutions to be healthier. If you want some healthy inspiration, look no further than Pinterest.

I find it so much more fun than doing a straight google search. It is visual and stimulating, and you can quickly connect with like minded pinners, and discover all kinds of riches. I find so many wonderful new websites through this fabulous resource.

Check out my Healthy Holiday Detox Board that was featured with top brands and celebrities such as Dr Oz, Katie Couric, Paula Deen & the TODAY show, Starbucks, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Patagonia, Babble, Parent’s Magazine, Esquire, and others for 30 DAYS OF PINSPIRATION.

I have pinned all kinds of healthy ideas from green smoothies and juices, cleansing and detox recipes, workout tips, homemade skin care and cleaning products, product suggestions, favourite books, and more.

My Omega Juicer Giveaway and 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE proved to be very popular after pinning it to this board. Participate in the cleanse at your leisure, or join our private Facebook Group January 18-20, 2013. You can sign up for free here. We will facilitate live chats, moderate discussions, and share information and experiences about juicing.
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Juices and Smoothies on a Busy Schedule

Whole Food Spicy Green Juice

It’s no secret that I love green juices and smoothies. I enjoy one of the two almost every day. They’re a great way to get in servings of veggies and fruit and a ton of vitamins and minerals, and I love the happy boost of natural energy I get from drinking them.

But anyone who owns a juicer or blender knows that the process of making smoothies or juices takes some time – time that is oh-so-precious in those few minutes we have to get ready in the mornings before we dash out the door to errands, our job, or school. For many, being able to grab anything healthy to take for breakfast or lunch alone is a feat, much less go through the process of washing and preparing produce for a juice or smoothie.

How do you make this process easier? By advance preparation, of course!
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