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TBP Friday Faves: Easy Eats Magazine!

At The Balanced Platter, we’re always looking for the best way to make living gluten-free easier. We’re striving for balance, right?

If you haven’t checked out Easy Eats, it’s one of our go-to magazines for simple, reliable, and yes – healthier – gluten-free recipes. And these are recipes you’ll want to make and share with your friends and family.

photo credit: Stephen Scott Gross

The magazine has three major themes: Easy Essentials, Easy Living, and Easy Cooking. You’ll find more than just food – it’s a complete resource for living well on a gluten-free diet including beauty and health ideas, new products, and sometimes an exercise tip or two.

Some of the regular columns include:

  • Have It Your Way – A recipe with solutions for all different types of diets. Dairy-free? Egg-free? Refined sugar-free? This column has solutions for you.
  • Healthy Choices – Forget the stigma about gaining weight on a gluten-free diet. This column gives you recipes for healthy living.
  • Silvana’s Kitchen – Recipes perfect for the gluten-free family!
  • Open Book – Hot new gluten-free books with sample recipes

You can read Easy Eats everywhere you go. Yea. It’s digital. On your computer. On your iPad. On your Smart Phone. No need to stuff the latest copy in your purse and before you run out the front door. It’s already there, ready when you are. And, you have access to all the back issues, too. Bye-bye magazine piles!

If you haven’t subscribed to Easy Eats, you’re missing out on the best gluten-free magazine on the market today. Subscribe now.

On the Road with Special Diets ~ and Focaccia Flax Bread (gluten-free with vegan option)

Gluten Free Bread Flax

Traveling with special diets is a challenge.

Truth is, I’ve never been a good traveler.  Basically, packing and deciding what to take with me has always driven me crazy been difficult, but since my whole family has gone on special diets, it’s become a pretty daunting task.

I’m assuming that I am not the only one on a special diet who finds it hard or near impossible to travel?

  • My oldest has five life-threatening food allergies, and we are all eating low-to-no-sugar, and are trying to limit our grains to some extent.
  • And we’re trying to eat only whole foods.
  • Yes – it’s crazy and that’s why we really don’t travel that much.
  • We do, however, travel several times a year as the kids and I go in tow with hubby to a work commitment, and we are thinking about another trip later this summer.I’m realizing that even though the preparation is really hard on me, the memory-making is important.


Click through to get Adrienne’s recipe for Focaccia Flax Bread

Homemade Natural Organic Moisturizer

Homemade Organic Moisturizer

Homemade Organic Moisturizer

My rule with skincare is, “If I can’t put it in my mouth, I can’t put it onto my skin.” This simple philosophy has led me into the wonderful world of homemade skincare. I love to surprise my skin and use something different every day.

I use organic unrefined oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil  as natural body moisturizers; and rose water, cucumber and tomato as a toners; oats, rice cereal, salt, sugar, and almond meal as a scrubs.

I make homemade almond scrub every week using the almond pulp I have after making homemade almond milk.
Keep reading…

Granola-Style Energy Bars – Fuel for Summer Hikes

This is a guest post written by Melissa McLean Jory of Gluten-Free For Good.

This is the scene I was rewarded with a couple of years ago while backpacking in the Colorado high country. It was definitely worth the climb (summit 13,951 feet) and although I kept my distance in respect to my mountain goat friends, I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting.

When Maggie and Amy asked me to do a guest post at The Balanced Platter and explained that June’s editorial calendar included the theme, traveling on a GF diet, I immediately thought of high-country travel—as in backpacking. No cars, trains, or airplanes needed—just a good pair of hiking boots and a loaded backpack.

So—what does it take to fuel your engine and nourish your body for “peak” performance?

Follow these basic tips for sustained energy (a long day on the trail) and quick bursts (climbing the last 500 feet to the summit). You’ll also need some turbo-charged recovery food so you can sleep well, climb out of your tent at the crack of dawn, make a hearty breakfast, and start all over again—day after day. That’s what backpacking is all about—sustained energy. And yes, I call that traveling on a GF diet.
Keep reading to get Melissa’s all day energy tips and her recipe for energy bars, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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