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TBP’s Friday Favorites: Healthy Easter & Passover Desserts

Who doesn’t love spring? The trees are budding, the grass is starting to turn green, days are warmer, and there’s more sunlight. Everyone is starting to think about summer, swimming pools, vacations, and yes, summer clothes.

With Eater and Passover marking the change in seasons, I thought I’d share some healthy holiday dessert recipes that you can eat (in moderation, of course!) without feeling guilty. You’ll also feel good about sharing these dishes with your friends and family.
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Gluten-Free Living: Ten Cost Saving Tips (and Five Essential Pantry Items)

My family’s grocery bills can be pretty high because we buy organic foods, nutritious gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients, and a few of the more expensive “super-foods”.

My husband and I are investing in our health now so we don’t have to pay for it later. We’re both self-employed so a day lost to the cold or flu is a day of lost income.  We call it preventative healthcare.

There are lots of ways to save money if you’re living the gluten-free lifestyle.  I asked some friends on facebook for their tips for saving money.  These were the 10 tips that came up again and again.

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It’s Always a Good Thyme for Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Here’s the crux of the problem for recipe creators: the best tasting food is simple food. Sure, pairing spices in a new way and experimenting with flours can be fun, but let’s face it … for most of us our favorite comfort foods have just a few ingredients.

It’s taken me years of following food blogs, “learning” to cook, making and creating recipes, to realize that my body doesn’t truly crave ALL of that variety. In fact, there are weeks where I could (and do) enjoy very similar versions of the exact same meals every day.

Sure, I might mix up the fruit, the vegetables, the protein, or the seasoning, but in essence, my favorite food day right now looks pretty much like this:
Keep reading for Alisa’s simple and delicious recipe for Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Natural and Holistic Remedies for Hay Fever

This is a guest-post written by Amber from The Tasty Alternative.

Feel like hiding indoors at those first signs of spring?

If you suffer from hay fever you may very well dread this time of year and if you’re a nature lover, this is a difficult realization.

Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergies (or allergic rhinitis), is more than just a nuisance, it can lead to other concerning health conditions. For example, my son’s eczema is exacerbated by hay fever.

Other conditions such as asthma can flare up in response to airborne allergens. And for some, hay fever can lead to an annoying sinus infection, affect immune function, cause fatigue, malaise, and headache.

Keep reading for more natural remedies for hay fever relief…, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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